Here Not Here:

On Kawara and Eric Doeringer

On Kawara was a key artist of the Conceptual movement that began in the mid-1960s. His medium was principally time and the recording of its passing. Kawara’s blunt series of “Today” or date paintings began on Jan. 4, 1966 and continued until his death. Another famous series of telegrams sent to friends and art world colleagues simply stated “I am still alive”. Eric Doeringer is a New York based artist well-known for his remakes and bootlegs of other artist’s works. A year and a half before Kawara’s death, the key Toronto collector Paul Marks commissioned a Today painting from Doeringer on whichever day became Kawara’s passing. “Naturally I hoped the project might never be realized, but of course all things must pass. Because Eric had perfected the date painting process I felt that one for the day On passed would be a fitting homage to an artist of monumental importance.” – PM

Opens 7 January and runs to 23 January, 2016