You know that feeling when you’re at a gallery opening or a punk rock show, and you’re really panging for a vegan treat?

No? Well, if you ever find yourself in this position, D-Beatstro is the place to be.

Located at 1292 Bloor Street West (near Bloor and Lansdowne), part-vegan café, part-art gallery, part-music venue D-Beatstro opened its doors on Bloor Street this past summer and has been booming with activity ever since. Part-owner/operator Jess Montebello says her and associates Katie and Chris Camamarata opened the venue in response to identifying a more accessible space for music and art to be shown and appreciated. And, with prices kept low and food prepared healthy and all-vegan, this spot is truly accessible in every sense.

Since opening, D-Beatstro has played host to art shows, movie marathons, punk shows, poetry readings, fashion shows, dance parties – even a lingerie party. Not limiting the space to one or two uses makes the cafe stand apart from other venues, and has since gained a steady following. The range of events is so vast at D-Beatstro, it’s hard to describe a typical day, but one can always count on a top-notch vegan menu and great coffee. The trio just launched their brunch menu, available all weekend between the hours of 10 am and 3 pm. Check it out soon, before the infamous 1-hour wait time of Toronto brunch spots finds D-Beatstro.

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