What do you get when you combine provocative contemporary art with the equally rebellious act of staying up way past your bedtime? Well, you get Nuit Blanche. But, what happens when you add YOUR beautiful face into the mix? Now you’re interested, aren’t you?

World-renowned street artist JR will be making his mark on the streets of Toronto for Nuit Blanche’s tenth anniversary, on Saturday, October 3, with an installation titled ‘Inside Out’. Known for his renegade (read: often highly illegal) style that invites the audience to participate in the pieces as much as the artist himself, the downtown core will be transformed into one big collaborative selfie. This is the first time an entire zone has been granted to a single artist, and he wants all of Toronto to take part.


In just a few weeks, Toronto will join the list of cities that have been plastered with JR’s signature faces, as part of the tenth annual all-night arts festival. His notorious ‘Inside Out’ project has featured large-scale prints of the faces of strangers, plastered on the sides of buildings in busy metropolises all around the world. The aim of the project is to “turn the city inside out for one night with the help and energy of the community, so that Toronto creates a powerful image that will be remembered.” If it’s your dream to have a giant version of your face plastered in a public area for a week (I know it’s one of mine), you may just be in luck!


This Sunday, September 27th 10am to 6pm, we invite our audience to meet the artist’s team at the tennis courts around Bloor and Dufferin, where they will take the first steps in creating an exhibition that will extend through Nuit Blanche, the following Saturday. The artists’ team will be taking snaps of anyone who comes by, printing them on-site, and mounting them around the courts using his signature wheatpasting method. The project will then extend towards the city’s downtown core for the days leading up to the festival, with a ‘selfie booth’ in Nathan Philips Square for passersby to snap a photo of themselves to be included in the final product. The final installation will transform the area around City Hall for the all-night festivities, but for a sneak preview away from all the hustle and bustle and a more intimate interaction with the artists’ team, the Bloor-Dufferin courts are where you want to be.

Art is not supposed to change the world, to change practical things, but to change perceptions. Art can change the way we see the world. Art can create an analogy.
– JR

For more information on JR and the project, visit jr-art.net and scotiabanknuitblanche.ca.