Looking to meet your future wife or husband? Need a tune-up on the ol’ baby grand? BOTH? Well, for a real life musical love story, look no further than Middle C.

Launched in 2009 by Andrew Patten and Sarah Davignon, Middle C Pianos is a piano tuning and repair service. The pair have worked their magic in residential homes, recording studios, performance venues, churches and more. While the business does not have a physical storefront, the team operates out of their home on Concord Avenue, just north of Bloor Street, catering to the immediate community and the rest of Toronto on service calls.

Patten says that despite the nomadic nature of the business, the sense of community in the Bloor Street area is evident: “working in our own neighbourhood is the best because we grow to feel like any other storefront business who get the opportunity daily to run into clients here and there and catch up on life”.

Patten and Davignon met in piano tuning school at the University of Western Ontario in 2008 and after collaborating on music in Toronto when they graduated, ‘accidentally kindled a romance’. Accident, maybe – but a happy one at that. Their love, and love of music, did not stop at Middle C – the now married couple also performs in a band, The Most Loyal.

The Most Loyal have played shows all around Toronto, including a sprinkling of venues along Bloor Street, like the Holy Oak, the Burdock, Lee’s Palace and Clinton’s. They most recently performed at the Burdock, where they played a selection of songs intended to be the score for a series of upcoming film projects that the band is involved with.

The two projects overlap quite a bit, and Patten believes that one probably would not thrive without the other. For example, one repair client asked them to be involved in SKETCH fundraiser, a client who The Most Loyal would later play with at another fundraiser. Alternatively, the pair has gained tuning clients while playing shows. A lot of people in the area are either in bands themselves or involved in music somehow, so connections happen naturally, says Patten.

More information on Middle C and The Most Loyal can be found here and here.