Vera is the owner operator and mystic artisan for spirit of VeRa.

When she was a child, she suffered crippling nightmares, and consequently insomnia. She couldn’t use conventional remedies and so set out to find an alternative remedy for her troubling condition.

While studying philosophy and political science at the University of Ottawa, she worked on a postmodern project on East Coast Native American ceremonies. This awoke her aborigine ancestry and allowed her to discover the use of dream pillows and jewelry for spiritual enlightenment and personal empowerment.



Vera began sewing and learning about stones, and soon she was experiencing the benefits from these ancient tools. After graduating, she traveled to central America and Guatemala on a Spirit Quest. While volunteering at a medicinal plant garden at a bio reserve near Tikal. a shaman taught her to silversmith.

You can catch Vera at many festivals, markets and her online shop. She participated with the BIG on Bloor Festival 2015 with a two hour jewelry press activity with the JOY SPOT Projects. She is now at the Leslieville Arts Market for the rest of 2015.